Alfa Romeo Rust Repair

Alfetta Sprint Veloce in primer
Alfetta Sprint Veloce in primer

The body shop called today to point out some rust they found when they removed the rear bumper (like I didn’t know about this). I guess what they really wanted to tell me was that it was going to cost more money.

I had ladled POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint on the sheet metal above the left bumper shock six years ago when I saw it looking not so good. I tried to put out of my mind the rust that I could see inside the bumper where the rubber had split.

Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money…

So far the body shop has repaired rust in the front rocker panels, around the base of the windshield on the passenger side (without removing the glass), around the right windshield wiper drive shaft, on the door under the driver’s side window, around the rear bumper shock, below the bottom edge of the rear window and the trailing edge of the trunk lid.

Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce less attractive higher angle
Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce less attractive higher angle

Over the years I had treated those areas with POR-15 and/or Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Paint and that seemed to slow the oxidation down almost completely.

I’d previously done my bush league repair work on the rust on the inner front fender wells and a large hole in the spare tire well – my first attempts at using fiberglass. Those repairs look great if you don’t look at them.

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  1. @John Randal: I looked at the site and as far as I can see, they only have floor pans for the 1955-60 Giulietta Spider and Giulia Spider. They don’t have any Alfetta panels. Since this might help Giulietta owners, I won’t mark this as spam.

  2. I found that this has panels for your Alfa Romeo and they have a discount going on right now.

    It would not let me post their promo code but they have floor pans, outer rocker panels and other auto body panels that you may need.

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