Fiamm Horns

Fiamm 3 Trumpet Riviera Horns
Fiamm 3 Trumpet Riviera Horns

For some reason, I wanted Fiamm horns. It has something to do with owning an Italian car, seeing all those movies shot on the Cote d’Azur and Rome, and for some reason, associating Fiamm with Italia. Maybe it comes from my Fellini period.

I bought Fiamm 3 Trumpet Riviera Horns. The triple horns are powered by a 12V+ air compressor. Connectors, tubing and a relay are included in the kit.

On my Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sprint Veloce, I mounted the 3 horns on the inside of the front section of the wheel well, behind the right side headlights.

Fusina Steering Wheel, Alfa Romeo horn button
Fusina Steering Wheel, Alfa Romeo horn button

To mount the compressor, I used the existing bracket that had one of the OEM horns mounted to it. I had to ream out the hole and bend the bracket 90 degrees. For power, I used the existing 12v+ for the horn and added a ground wire. There is a slight delay while the compressor spools up when I press the horn button.

What it sounds like.

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  1. Jeff, I just tried it and it works. Try right clicking and saving the link to your computer. It is named riviera.wav. Then you should be able to play it with Windows Media Player, QuickTime or VLC.

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