Silver Creek Preserve with DALL-E

Last July, I was fly fishing the Silver Creek, “A unique spring creek with abundant wildlife… one of the most spectacular natural places in Idaho.” (1)

I took the photo below with my iPhone 13 Pro Max while I was fishing.

Silver Creek Preserve
Silver Creek, taken with an iPhone 13 Pro Max

I’ve been trying out OpenAI and DALL-E, “a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.” (2)

For the prompt, I took some text from the Nature Conservancy’s description and added some details, “A unique spring creek trout habitat, Silver Creek in the summer is one of the most spectacular natural places in Idaho.” This was one of the results:

Footnotes: (1) Silver Creek Preserve – Nature Conservancy, Fishing Idaho’s Iconic Silver Creek; (2) DALL-E, DALL-E Wikipedia entry

March 21, 2023: Image Creator from Bing was released today and I used the same prompt that I used for DALL-E. I don’t know why Image Creator by Bing made this super-saturated unrealistic image:

Bing Image Creator AI image of Silver Creek in Idaho

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