Fog, Bike Ride, Skyline Boulevard, Oakland, CA

Bike ride, Skyline Boulevard, Oakland, CA

Skyline Boulevard, Oakland, CA

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  1. Hi David. Unfortunately, my bike is not your long, lost De Rosa. I bought this frame in the early 80’s from Conrad’s Bike Shop in New York as a replacement for another De Rosa I crashed into a taxi.

    I originally built it up with Super Record components and over the years have replaced components with newer ones as they wear. I just started using a freehub this year.

    I have been riding it for 30 years and still ride it four times a week.

    Photos on flickr

  2. Hi! Your de rosa looks identical in size, rare “industrial blue” colors and equipment that i used to race as a junior in los angeles( i custom ordered the frame from ernie’s pro bikes on san vicente) but i sold the bike in the late 80’s i think!i would love to see more pictures, i periodically check the web to see if i can find it.…
    Would you mind sending me pictures? I wud be forever grateful and possibly ask to buy it back if thats an option. Well in any case, looking forward to hearing back. Any informatiom would be greatly appreciaredk Thank you! David greenbaum

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