Regina Extra Record Ti Freewheel

Regina Extra Record Ti Freewheel

I found this Regina Extra Record Ti Freewheel in my bicycle parts box. My friend Kenny bought it in the early 80’s and I used it for a few miles and then put it in the parts box.

It is a six speed freewheel with 13-14-15-17-18-19 tooth cogs and Italian threading – 1.378″ x 24 TPI. When I recently removed the cogs to clean them, part of the freewheel body looked like it was made out of aluminum. All the cogs are threaded and made of titanium but I was unable to separate the last two cogs (18-19) from the freewheel body.

When I looked at the freewheel listings on, I saw a Regina Extra Record freewheel that has aluminum cogs but I didn’t see an Extra Record freewheel with titanium cogs.

I checked eBay listings for titanium freewheels and there were several that sold in the $250-$500 range. That reminded me of the Steven Spielberg authored episode of Amazing Stories: Gather Ye Acorns.

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  1. R, I’ll have to look at it again to check the body material. Sorry, I’m not interested in sell it.

  2. Cogs look good with minimal wear. Is the body nonmagnetic Ti, or steel? I toy with the thought of refurbishing and cleaning my old Regina titanio. If you want to sell yours for parts I may be interested. Thanks

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