2011 All Italian Car and Motorcycle Show

2011 All Italian Car and Motorcycle Show
My Alfetta Sprint Veloce (top left) at the 2011 All Italian Car and Motorcycle Show

I drove my Alfetta Sprint Veloce to the Alfa Romeo Association of California’s 2011 All Italian Car and Motorcycle Show last Sunday.

I took the photo (left) of my car and started thinking, was Sports Car Market correct? In an Affordable Classics article from the September, 2007, the author used the phrase, “Along with wretched refuse like the Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT…” The photograph seems to bear that out; it appears that nobody wanted to park next to my Alfetta. The reality was that it was late in the afternoon and the cars that had been parked next to the Alfetta earlier in the morning had left.

My Sprint Veloce was the only coupe present that represented the Alfa Romeo Alfetta family but there was an Alfetta sedan too (plus several GTV-6s). There were plenty of Alfa Romeos, Ferraris, Fiats, a few Panteras, a few Lancias, a few Maseratis, and a lot of motorcycles – everything was interesting to me.

Some more photos at flickr:

2011 All Italian Car and Motorcycle Show

2 Replies to “2011 All Italian Car and Motorcycle Show”

  1. Nice pics… now I own one, I’m not sure what the anger is towards Alfettas. Especially as occasional/weekend drivers, they’re really pretty good! On the bright side, the 2002 vs. Alfetta GT comparison in Sports & Exotic Car was pretty complementary towards the Alfa.

  2. Man those are some nice cars. Most of them appear to be original and
    un restored.I don’t hardly ever see a Fiat 124 roadster any more, the
    few that are left it seems are pretty trashed out. I think it was seventies circa. I use to know a guy from school who had a 61 Alfa
    Spider. I met him in 1968, the red paint had faded to a weird looking
    pink, cracked black leather seats. He said it was twin over head cam,
    and when he would wind it up he would say “did you hear that second
    cam kick in?!” being a cool guy of course I would nod and say “yeah
    man that was somethin”..not knowing what the hell he was talking about
    of course. The engine sound was pretty nice though, and it seemed to
    still have a lot of pep. I still wouldn’t know an overhead cam from
    an overhead clam thouh.

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