My first issue of Mine. came today. It’s Time Inc’s experiment at a personalized magazine.

I had a choice of five titles out of the available eight: Travel & Leisure, Golf, InStyle, Money, Real Simple, Time, Sports Illustrated and Food & Wine.

After I chose Time, Sports Illustrated and Food & Wine, I had to think about my last two choices. I realized I’d be reading them online if I were interested in them.

Time Inc and Lexus got marketing information from me. That Lexus is involved, immediately moves me out of the target audience. I’m old and Mine looks to me to be an old person’s idea. A handful of stories every two weeks? Have they seen RSS?

In my first 36 page issue, I got a helpful article from t+l Journal, “How to Look Out an Airplane Window”. Step number 1, “Choose a Window Seat.”

My RSS feeds are not in danger of being unread. My Google Reader Trends:

From your 91 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 16,414 items, starred 44 items, shared 79 items, and emailed 6 items.

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