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It burns me when something breaks and the easiest fix is to get a new one. I try to repair things before I go out and buy a replacement.

Many years ago we bought an HP Officejet g55 All-in-One (C6736A). The Officejet g55 is an all-in-one (AIO) with printer, copier and scanner functions. At the time, it’s specs were good as a photo printer too.

The printer recently started jamming when printing multiple pages. The first page would print OK, but would not fully eject, so the next page would be crumpled, creating a paper jam.

The mechanism that ejects the paper after printing, appropriately called the paper pusher bar, had broken tabs. An OEM HP part, C6429-40031, is no longer available from HP. The same part is listed for the HP DeskJet 930C and Officejet g85, among others. I found it for $12 USD at Printer Works, though with shipping and tax it ended up costing about $24 USD. I guess that’s better than junking the printer, which most people would do.

A Google search turned up a user named Bert at fixyourownprinter.com, who gave excellent, though not trivial instructions, for repairing the problem. The photos below are an attempt to illustrate Bert’s instructions.

  • HP Officejet g55 guide
  • HP Officejet g55 cables
  • HP Officejet g55 tray
  • HP Officejet g55 top
  • HP Officejet g55 rear panel (2)
  • HP Officejet g55 side
  • HP Officejet g55 sidetabs
  • HP Officejet g55 spring
  • HP Officejet g55 rear panel
  • HP Officejet g55 rear pusher (2)
  • HP Officejet g55 rear pusher
  • HP Officejet g55 hinge
  • HP Officejet g55 guide (2)

One Reply to “HP Printer Fix”

  1. thank you for the instructions..
    I was able to fix my G85XI for 15 bucks.
    I did have to remove the speaker box on the side to get the side cover off by removing another T10 TORX screw but no big deal.

    thank you again

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