Turner Classic Movies is currently airing its 31 Days of Oscar, a run of Oscar nominated movies.

I turned on the TV to see Hawaii, and while looking at the cast, I saw that Richard Harris plays a character named Rafer Hoxworth. I remembered Richard Harris also played another Rafer in The Wild Geese.

That got me to googling rafer, which lead me to Scott Rafer’s Twitter page. Scott twittered that he “was pointed at last night over dinner,” so I went over there. (I don’t Twitter that much, because I don’t really talk to anybody) is vocabulary game. You are given a word and pick the correct definition from four choices. “For each word that you get right, we donate 20 grains of rice through the United Nations to help world hunger.” The rice is paid for by sponsor’s advertisements. I got up to level 45, then realized that I inhale 1200 grains of rice in one mouthful.

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