A Bird Landed on My Computer

Western Scrub Jay

A Western Scrub-Jay, crestless blue head with white throat; blue wings and tail, olive-gray back, light gray underparts, landed on my Macbook.

6 Replies to “A Bird Landed on My Computer”

  1. Yo Leslie, delighted to see you are monitoring the jay (or that the jay is monitoring you). on my travels in the rural west i’ve found these jays to be aggressive and occasionally obnoxious, but where you are i can think of only one reason one would be snooping around your computer: Homeland Security. say hello to the no-fly list, pal. we’ll vouch for you, but it’ll be our word against the bird. good luck.

  2. What a pretty, perky, could-become-pesky little scrub jay this guy has become! He/she surely has grown to know where a kind and generous guy lives! And, I side with Rebecca Rose on the pooping part! I’m glad to read that you say “he hardly ever poops in the house”! NEVER, would be good! But, “Scrubby” IS amusing — poop part or not!

    Luv, Mumsey

  3. How did it get in the house and how did you get it out? Or is it your pet now? Chris’ pet is a horse,is yours now a bird?

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