Windows Vista RC2

I downloaded Windows Vista Release Candidate 2 (Build 5744) from the Microsoft Customer Preview Program and just finished installing it on my Shuttle. I did a clean install without any problems. So far, Vista has only crashed once when I was using the Macintrash version (1.0.3 040913) of Remote Desktop Connection.

The processor in my 3 year old Shuttle XPC SB51G is 2.2 GHz P4 with 512 KB L2 cache and 400 MHz system bus. I’m surprised with the speed and responsive feel of RC2. I know that the Vista installation isn’t crapped up with a bunch of apps yet, but it does seem to be as fast or faster than XP on the same machine.

I also downloaded and installed 2007 Microsoft Office Beta 2 and the Technical Refresh. There are many collaboration features in the new Office suite, too bad I don’t have anyone to collaborate with. The new interface takes some getting used to – I still have Word 4.0 (the DOS version) from 1992 on one of my computers.

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  1. Larry,

    I already had the Shuttle dual-booting either to XP or Windows Server 2003. I have nine partitions over the two disks. There is a small (6 GB) boot partition. Two of the partitions are for backing up two notebooks, so there is a copy on two different drives. I probably have the power supply overloaded – 320 GB HD and 160 GB HD, ATI 9600 AIW.

    I used PartitionMagic. I made a partition for Fedora, but I never got around to installing it. When the public Vista betas became available I decided to install it on that partition.

    I booted from the CD and the installer asked me where I wanted to put it, so I just aimed it at that empty partition. I didn’t have any problems. I did have the Vista installer reformat the partition to NTFS.

    When booting, the Vista multi-boot screen comes up and asks if I want to start Vista, or an “Earlier Version of Windows”. If I want XP or Windows Server, the next boot screen that comes up is the Windows multi-boot screen with XP, Server 2003, and Recovery Console. Maybe using Partition Magic is the key. I didn’t use BootMagic.

    The theme is called Vistered Little by Nik Iliadis. It’s a WordPress theme. There’s a link to it in the Site Meta.

    Good Luck.

  2. How did you get RC2 to load on your Shuttle SB51g? I have the same here and mine sticks at 0% when expanding the files.

    BTW the site looks great

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