Pebble Beach Summer Dressage Show

Chris won two first place awards and two second place awards in class at the Pebble Apparently, contradicting my initial observations, there is more to dressage than just sitting on the horse while it prances around.

Chris and Roy in Competition
Chris and Roy in Competition
Roy; Roy's owner, J. R. Rouse and Chris
Roy; Roy’s owner, J. R. Rouse and Chris

The owner of Simply Roy, Mr. J. R. Rouse, of Pacific Grove and Mountain View, California, gave his full support for his horse and rider.

While her victories are permanently engraved on the Pebble Beach Summer Dressage Show Trophy, at home, Chris now eats her breakfast cereal out of her first place crystal bowl.

3 Replies to “Pebble Beach Summer Dressage Show”

  1. Chris,
    We are so very proud of what you have accomplished with our little boy, ‘Simply Roy’. David and I look forward to you continuing to the next level. You have motivated me to get back into the saddle again. Thanks and Hugs J.R.

  2. Congrats!!! You look so veddy veddy properly English and honestly, quite fetching in your dressage attire. I am so happy for your horsey success…

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