WordPress Godaddy Slow

In the past couple of weeks, my WordPress 2.5.1 blog has seemed to slow. Loading the blog pages and the administrative pages would sometimes take 30-50 seconds and even timeout.

I have a cheap Linux shared hosting account at Godaddy.com and I wrote to their support several times. They asked me for trace routes. There were many timeouts between the Godaddy servers, ip-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.ip.secureserver.net. Godaddy support suggested that it was a problem with my ISP, then said the timeouts were from hitting their firewalls.

Godaddy support responses were, “Currently your hosting account is working properly and with in all perimeters” (sic). They also suggested, “However, as your site is hosted within a shared environment, you may experience periods of reduced performance. If you wish to have further resources devoted to your individual site including access to logs and specific services, you may wish to investigate the purchase of our Virtual or Dedicated Servers.

The site YouGetSignal.com has a reverse IP check enabling you to… “Find other sites hosted on a web server by entering a domain or IP address…” According to YouGetSignal.com, my site has over 1171 domains hosted on the same web server (as lesliewong.us – I guess that’s what $3.65/month hosting gets. But a random check of the listed web sites showed that they loaded very quickly, even WordPress blogs.

I run a LAMP development server on my Macintosh Powerbook G4 on my local network and disregarding the fact that it is one hop away from any client on the network, it loads the blog very quickly.

I tried several things to try speeding up WordPress. Several times a day, I would optimize the MySQL database, though it is less than 2MB. Most of the overhead was due to comment spam (I use Spam Karma 2). I was already using the WP-Cache plug-in. I also tried disabling all plug-ins, downgrading to to WordPress 2.3.3 and using the default WordPress theme. I disabled Google Adsense and the web cam in my sidebar. None seemed to offer much improvement.

I searched for tips on optimizing the speed of WordPress and found Jeff Atwood‘s post on Behold WordPress, Destroyer of CPUs. I was already using a caching plug-in but there was a response from WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and his recommended MySQL configuration optimizations. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can edit the my.cnf preference file on my shared host.

I found this site, WebsiteOptimization.com and running the analyzer on my blog home page made me hope that people on dial-up aren’t reading my blog.

Today I created a new MySQL 5.0 database, imported the MySQL 4.0 database that was my blog and now it’s running on that. It seems a little better, but it’s Saturday afternoon at 2:00 PM PST, so who’s on the internets then?

BMW Bavaria WordPress Flickr Photo Album Plugin Mashup

I haven’t been a user of Flickr, but since I see it referenced so frequently (Scoble talks about Flickr and Zooomr all the time, and he’s a professional), I thought I’d see how Flickr manages images.

Since I started using WordPress v2.2 and got all widgetized (Geez, look at my sidebar), I found Joe Tan’s (of Silas Partners) Flickr Photo Album for WordPress.

Mr. Tan generously released the plugin under the GPL, so all I had to do was get an API from Flickr.

I uploaded a bunch of photographs that the shop took of the surface prep of our BMW Bavaria.

When we bought our BMW, we thought it was a relatively “rust-free” example. But living on a peninsula that is hanging out in the Pacific Ocean has a negative effect on steel.

I had trouble keeping the exterior paint shiny. I bought a Makita 9227C 7″ Variable Speed Hook and Loop Polisher/Sander and numerous compounds, Meguiars Medium and Fine Cut cleaners, and various waxes. It took a lot of effort to make the car look good, but it would last about a week – the paint was shot.

As the shop, J & J Auto Body and Paint Refinishing in Monterey, started surface preparation for the painting the car, the car’s paint history started appearing.

When they started sanding, they found several layers of paint. They recommended bare metal sanding ($$$$). The sanding revealed previous repairs all along the left side of the car (body filler).

J & J also did some metal fabrication to repair a rust hole in the rear window frame and the corners of the doors.

Link to my flickr BMW album.

Spam Karma 2 Updated

After noting some problems with WordPress 2.1 and Spam Karma 2, I got a comment from the author, DrDave, that development had not stopped on Spam Karma 2 and he had released Spam Karma 2.3 rc1.

After a few stumbles on my part, SK2 again seems to be working fine with my WordPress 2.1.2 installation.

Thanks, DrDave!