Windows Vista RC2

I downloaded Windows Vista Release Candidate 2 (Build 5744) from the Microsoft Customer Preview Program and just finished installing it on my Shuttle. I did a clean install without any problems. So far, Vista has only crashed once when I was using the Macintrash version (1.0.3 040913) of Remote Desktop Connection.

The processor in my 3 year old Shuttle XPC SB51G is 2.2 GHz P4 with 512 KB L2 cache and 400 MHz system bus. I’m surprised with the speed and responsive feel of RC2. I know that the Vista installation isn’t crapped up with a bunch of apps yet, but it does seem to be as fast or faster than XP on the same machine.

I also downloaded and installed 2007 Microsoft Office Beta 2 and the Technical Refresh. There are many collaboration features in the new Office suite, too bad I don’t have anyone to collaborate with. The new interface takes some getting used to – I still have Word 4.0 (the DOS version) from 1992 on one of my computers.