A Review of Ubuntu 8.04

krystalo over at digg.com writes, “Ubuntu 8.04 was released last month with highly-anticipated features like PulseAudio, GNOME 2.22, and Wubi. Although this release is a strong incremental improvement over its predecessor, we found some serious bugs that detract from the overall user experience. Ars takes a close look to find out if Hardy Heron raises the bar.

I booted the live version on my Macbook, installed it on my VIA pc2500 and shrugged my shoulders.

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OS X Vista Linux

Version 7.10 of Ubuntu Linux was released today. I downloaded the desktop 386 version and burned the ISO to a CD.

rEFIt Bootloader

The live version booted quickly on my Macintrash using rEFIt (a bootloader and maintenance toolkit for the Extensible Firmware Interface). Ubuntu configured my Marvell Yukon gigabit Ethernet adapter (as eth0) and my DHCP server gave it an address, but the Atheros wi-fi chipset didn’t show up as eth1.