JETBeam Forward Clicky Switch

LumaPower Forward Tactical Click Switch

My favorite flashlight is my JETBeam JET-I PRO I.B.S. As I wrote in this post, “The push button tail cap switch is a “reverse” click type, i.e., the switch will make or break contact after it clicks. I prefer the “tactical” or forward click switch – a forward click switch will allow a half press of the switch to turn on a flashlight.”

I wasn’t able to find a forward click switch until I saw that had a Forward Tactical Click Upgrade Switch For LumaPower M1-XRE, LM31, LM33, LM301, LM303 on sale for $7.50 USD.

The contact spring on the LumaPower switch was a little too long, so I soldered on a shorter one. The switch’s circuit board was a snug press fit over the threads in the JETBeam tail cap. Switching modes now only requires a half press.