Been Up So Long, Looks Like Down

I took the Alfa off the jack stands today, after several months. It’s been up there so long, that the car looks very low to me now. The top of the roof is about chest high.

Back in July, I put it up on jack stands to replace the three flex discs (Giubos) in the driveshaft and the clutch – probably a seven hour job at the shop. I ended up getting the gears in the transmission lightened too.

I also replaced the three engine mounts, replaced the front and rear stabilizer bushings with polyurethane bushings, changed the oil, replaced the oil filter, replaced the Spica oil filter, bled the clutch, replaced the rear brake discs, replaced the rear brake pads, replaced the brake booster, bled the brakes, replaced the top radiator hose, replaced the short radiator hose, replaced the bottom radiator hose, replaced the water pump hose, had the radiator flushed, replaced the driveshaft center support and bearing, replaced the second gear synchro, changed the transmission and final drive oil, replaced the clutch shaft bearings and replaced a heater hose. Don’t ask me why it took so long…I didn’t have anywhere to go anyway.