How to Solder for Beginners (Instructables)

noahw, at, has a good soldering how-to for beginners. This article might help people who have a broken Hewlett-Packard f1703 flat panel display and are tentative about soldering. The comments following the article also contain some good soldering advice.‘s about page describes their site: “Instructables is a website where passionate people share what they do and how they it, and learn from and collaborate with others. Instructables was started by the partners at Squid Labs because we needed a quick and easy way to document and collaborate on our many projects.”


I’ve been getting some comments on my HP f1703 flat panel display fix. Yesterday on Instructables, leevonk posted Repair a Flatscreen Monitor for $15. This is a good (non-specific manufacturer) tutorial on actually replacing the inverters and backlights.

Remember, even if the backlight isn’t working, you should still be able to see an image on the display in bright light (e.g., you should be able to see a boot screen or your cursor move) if the rest of the display is working correctly.