H & H Bagels

After about 7 years of not living in New York, I started eating supermarket bagels – I get Sara Lee or Thomas’ depending on what’s on sale.

Chris went to New York this week and brought me back a half a dozen H&H Bagels. It’s the place Kramer was supposed to be working in Seinfield (sorry, that what I call it).

It was just an Upper West Side ritual, going to Zabar’s on Saturday night to get some smoked salmon and then to H & H for some bagels for Sunday breakfast with the Times.

I haven’t eaten any of them yet but I’m so f#$%ed, it probably doesn’t make any difference to me now.

For the price H & H charges for bagels when you order from the Internets, I thought my friend, Pam, who has her painting studio a block away, could go over there and Fedex them around and we’d have a business.