Victory By Design

A new episode in the Victory By Design documentary series on historic racing marques, Grand Prix Greats, hit a chord with me when I saw Alain De Cadenet give an overview of 1950’s Grand Prix cars.

Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sprint Veloce Final Drive, Transmission (note the inboard brake disc caliper at the top rear)

De Cadenet described the slow development of Grand Prix cars in the 50’s. Parked in a line, the 1952, 1953 World Championship winning Ferrari 500, 1956 World Championship winning Ferrari Lancia D50, 1957 World Championship winning Maserati 250F and the 1958 World Championship winning Vanwall. The common element to all these race cars? A De Dion rear axle and transaxle gear box.

What’s on my 1979 Alfetta Sprint Veloce? A De Dion rear axle and transaxle gear box – twenty-five year old trickle down Grand Prix technology sitting in my backyard.