McLaren Race Victory to be Probed

Formula One bosses are investigating McLaren for a possible breach of the rules in Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix” (via the BBC).

The rule in question is team orders affecting competition in the race. The rule stemmed from the Austrian Grand Prix in 2002, when Ferrari was criticized when the team ordered race leader Rubens Barichello to slow down at the finish so his teammate Michael Schumacher could win the race.

I just finished watching the race and it seemed at one point that Hamilton was quickly catching up to Alonso. A quick second pit stop would have allowed Hamilton to come out close to or ahead of Alonso instead of the four of five seconds he came out behind.

At the press conference, Hamilton said, “…It was tough, you know. I tried to get as close as possible and tried to get ahead but, you know, next time, I guess…” as he gave a smile and a shoulder shrug that could have implied that he could have won the race.

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