gOS: The Little Desktop Linux that Came Out of the Blue

gOS Boot Screen
VIA pc2500 Platform
 The gOS, an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that is used on the recently released Everex PC, has exploded into popularity. The $199 Everex TC2502, is sold out at Wal-Mart. ClubIT has a $59.99 gOS Developer Kit based on the VIA C7-D processor and the Via PC-2500 motherboard. This is the same processor and motherboard that is used in the Everex TC2502.

VIA C7-D Processor

Via’s main selling point for this processor and chipset is its Carbon Free Computing Initiative. Via has introduced a new benchmark called the TreeMark Tree Rating.Via emphasizes the lower amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) created in generating the electricity used in computing with the VIA C7-D processor compared to other computing platforms.

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