Move Over Roz Chast – Eugene L. Madsen’s Cartoons

When your professional life involves the study of microorganisms – microbiology – at some point the more creative thinker may start wondering what kind of conversations are going on in these teeny populations.

Parade of Unconventional Voices: Cartoons of art, humor, and philosophy by Eugene L. Madsen (Author)

Expand that examination to the conversations of bakery rolls, shifting desert sand grains, bowling balls, underwear, ogres, hooligans, philologists, armpits, clocks and mountaineers and you will arrive at Parade of Unconventional Voices: Cartoons of art, humor, and philosophy, a 30 year collection of the hitherto unknown thoughts of what we once considered inanimate objects.

While Antonie van Leeuwenhoek‘s lenses magnified before unseen microorganisms, Eugene L. Madsen‘s pen and ink cartoons extend our vision to a humorous, more thoughtful world. We may need to be reminded of Dr. Madsen’s characters’ humanity and sense of humor -maybe that’s why he sends them out every year around the holidays.

Welcome to the International Convention of Clocks

At the International Convention of Mosaic Tiles: “So fellow mosaics, I think you will agree that violent clashes occur only when designs force hard edges where they do not fit. Rigid edges and myopic designs are the sources of strife; while soft edges and flexible designs are the cure. By blending with one another, we create new designs. Remember, mosaics of the world, fitness is really measured by readiness for peace, not war. Fitness is gauged by the tolerance of our edges, not by muscle tone and cholesterol readings. Your patterns are bold, your beauty is alive. Enjoy the NEW YEAR.