My New Xbox Experience Avatar

leapingmonkeys avatar
My Xbox Avatar

I applied the New Xbox Experience (NXE) update last month to Chris’ Xbox 360 and created my new avatar. I tried to photograph it with our Nikon D70 but the moiré was so bad, I didn’t want to take the time to try to fix it in Photoshop.

I went to and did a PrtSc of my gamer profile (leapingmonkeys) page to capture my avatar.

The sad thing is, this is what I actually look like.


Meez lets you create your own 3D animated avatar (not in the Sanskrit sense, but in the representation of yourself as an Internet user).

Leslie Wong Avatar

This is as close as I could get my “Meez” to look like me.

Note my Fifty jeans (I would have used fiddy but says it’s a “…Word used by morons who cant pronounce or for that matter spell fifty), Bentley and the G-Unit background (which additionally describes as “Super hardcore ghetto slang for “Gee, you knit?”).