The Roses

The day before my birthday we Chris and I went to Oakland to visit Babe and Betty. Babe got off the sofa for a while and sat in his wheel chair and looked not happy.
Back in the kitchen, I took these pictures of the Baxley’s and Madsen’s so I could show it them someday.


The Cottage

This is a view of The Cottage as we are pulling into the dock to unload the groceries. You can see the dock is soaked because of all those boats racing down to the Big Chute.

The Big Chute

The Dock

It’s a easier to go to the Big Chute and load (groceries and luggage on) the boat.

All those schlumps in the background are waiting for the Big Chute Marine Railway to take them down to the lower part of the waterway.

The cottage is between a lock and the Big Chute. Boats come out of the lock and barrel down to the Big Chute making noise and big waves in front of the cottage.