La Caridad 78

La Caridad 78
La Caridad 78 Restaurant, 2199 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

I used to live a block from La Caridad, a Cuban Chinese restaurant that was a fixture on the southwest corner of W. 78th Street and Broadway in New York City. I liked it so much that there were times I ate there twice a day. It was among my favorite places to eat during my tenure in New York along with Café Luxembourg, Hoo Lok Restaurant, Capsouto Freres, The Emerald Inn, The Allstate Café and Freddy and Pepe’s (now Freddy and Pepper’s). That was another era.

When I first saw La Caridad, it was a cab driver hangout – there were always cabs doubled parked on W. 78th Street. Over the years, the restaurant expanded nextdoor, then contracted and in July of 2020, La Caridad closed. The pandemic killed it.

The last time I was there, one of the waiters told me that they wouldn’t be in business too many more years anyway, since their lease was going to expire. Covid-19 just hastened it.


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Plumbing Merit Badge

I got Plumbing Merit Badge over 40 years ago. I don’t recall facing a stuck single handle valve.

While trying to fix the balky handle on our Moen Adler Centerset Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet, I broke the stub on the water control valve that’s connected to the handle. Mineral deposits from our water had built up inside the handle, effectively welding the plastic to the brass.

We weren’t so hot on the design of this particular faucet, so instead of replacing the valve, we decided to replace the entire faucet.

We opted for the high tech American Standard Monterrey Centerset Gooseneck Lavatory Faucet with paddle handles for keeping our hands clean when we wash up for surgery. I jury rigged a screw and a piece of wood for a handle for the old faucet while we waited for the delivery of the new faucet.