Supercars at the Petersen Automotive Museum

1966 Lamborghini MiuraThe Petersen Automotive Museum show, Supercars: When Too Much Is Almost Enough opens March 5, 2011.

The first supercar I remember was the Lamborghini Miura. In the ’60’s, I read a road test in Car and Driver or Road and Track, where the author (Brock Yates? P. J. O’Rourke?, David E. Davis?) recalled driving at a sedate 100 mph in Nevada when a Porsche came up from behind flashing it’s headlights. He said they’d normally be polite and move over, but in the Miura, they downshifted two gears and left the Porsche way behind.

Photo courtesy of createordie

Zorki Rangefinder Converted to Digital

Someone stuck a Sony DSC-WX1 10.2 MP digital camera inside a Russian Zorki rangefinder (a Leica II copy) – a melding of a 1950’s classic film camera with a modern digital camera.

The original site is in Japanese. (English Google translation) There are detailed build photos; the body was re-covered and even the rangefinder’s shutter release works the digital camera’s shutter. It is a beautiful hack. I wish I had the patience to do something like this.

via Hack a Day