A Samson C01U Microphone

We bought a Samson C01U, a large condensor, USB connected, microphone for direct recording to a computer.

The microphone includes a USB cable and a 2.75″ (69.85 mm) table top tripod stand. I recommend a heavy desktop base like this On Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desk Microphone Stand and the Samson SP01 Shockmount, which cuts down on vibration when that truck drives by, but makes it look really professional.

It’s pretty much plug and play with Windows or Macs, Sansom has a “software preamp, SoftPre, that has an input level meter, volume control, high-pass filter and phase switch. (per Samson: “The SoftPre Applet is no longer available, as it is not necessary. The applet featured three options which can be found both in your Operating System’s settings as well as in your recording software.”)

Skype will never sound any better.

iPod Classic Comes to the iPod Video

I first saw this story on digg.com.

The guys (H3X, bounci.rabbit.123, vettefan, saXas, matthew98, supernatural, and xxDriveNxx) over at iPodwizard.net have re-written the 5G (fifth generation iPod) iPod’s firmware, so it looks like the new iPod Classic’s.

The new iPod Nano and iPod Classic have a new interface. While navigating through the menus, half of the screen is taken up by a floating image of album artwork.

One thing that’s missing on the 5G version of iPodWizard’s hack that the iPod Classic has is Coverflow. Also the images don’t float, like they do on the new iPods, but iPodWizard’s work is very cool, nonetheless.

When I first used the iPod Classic to iPod Video firmware hack, I had the problem of my iPod going into a “Boot Loop” – after the firmware was written, during the reboot, the Apple logo would disappear while the drive clicked and then cycled again.

Putting the iPod into the disk mode by holding select and play allowed me to do a restore to the original (Apple) firmware. Then I downloaded a version of the firmware “without the boot loops.”