Bad Joss

Wide View
Where she parked
Where she was supposd to park
The damage

I was shopping at the supermarket and came out to this scene. The police officer said the driver was trying to park and she stepped on the accelerator. Go figure.

Her car went up and across a ten foot divider, slammed into my parked car and knocked it eight feet out of its parking space. The Alfa’s right front fender is folded in half at the impact point. The body shop said the fender was irreparable. The Cibie headlights are toast. The apron is pushed into the hood, which won’t open. The frame the radiator is mounted to is bent. The bumper is broken.

The PO at the scene thanked me several times for my equanimity. WTF could I do?

It’s not that I love this car, but I have put a lot of work into it. Next time I park, I’ll make sure there is a tree in front of my car. Like that would make a difference with my luck.

2 Replies to “Bad Joss”

  1. Sorry to see it – looks like parking without other cars next to you still won’t save you from a scratch or worse. I still don’t get why the difference between gas & brake confuses people. There was a near-complete Alfetta parts car for sale on Craigslist in San Carlos a while back – if you’re interested I’ll see if I can dig up the seller’s email.

    Quick, someone call 60 Minutes and report this case of unintended acceleration!

  2. shit man — sorry to see that. but consider it good joss that you weren’t halfway out the door at the moment of impact. you’d be blogging from the prone position.

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