Ice-T Presents Mac Repair

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On August - 7 - 2009

I’ve wanted to repair my Macintrash using this method many times, but I would not have started with the claw. I would also be more emphatic.

Panther vs Leopard

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On October - 30 - 2007

I ordered OS X 10.5 (Leopard) from and it was delivered today. I didn’t buy the boxed retail version of OS X 10.4 (Tiger) because it came installed on my Macintrash, but I did buy the retail version of Panther for my my other Macintrash, a Powerbook. When I opened the box from Amazon, the first thing I noticed was how much smaller Leopard is than Panther.


Don’t Forget the Mac: The Two Million Mac quarter

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On September - 20 - 2007

Analysts predict a record quarter for Mac sales, meanwhile a featured article in the NY Times says Apple could do better.

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Hi, I’m a Mac, and I’m Your Enterprise Computer

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On April - 27 - 2007

Lisa Nadile, writing for gives advice on integrating Macintosh computers into existing IT infrastructures.

The article discusses in-house support, application integration and management. The one thing that she fails to address is the state of enterprise hardware support from Apple. AppleCare Enterprise Hardware support, for example, offers premium support for their enterprise hardware – XServe and XServe Raid. The standard Apple Warranty and AppleCare Protection Plan has limited on-site service. That just isn’t going to make it in the enterprise.

I must state that currently, I am not an enterprise customer. I’m railing because my Macbook is sitting in Tennesee (the national Apple Laptop Repair Depot), waiting for a main logic board. I just got off the phone with Apple Support and they indicated that it could be up to 5-7 business days for the part to become available for my repair. Wouldn’t one have common parts available, if one were in the repair business? Luckily, I don’t do anything or I couldn’t afford to be without my primary notebook for two weeks.

On the other hand our, Dell Inspiron 700m experienced a trackpad problem, and the next day, a Dell representative replaced the part on-site.

Macs in an Active Directory Environment

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On March - 26 - 2007

Ryan Faas at Computer World has written an informative article on supporting Macs in an Active Directory environment.

He reviews the advantages and disadvantages of Apple’s Active Directory plug-in, Thursby’s ADmitMac and Centrify’s Direct Control for Mac.

It’s a good article for system administrators working in a Mac-Windows environment.

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