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Pacific Grove Summer

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On May - 22 - 2009

National Weather Service Forecast

The first day of summer is a little less than a month away, (June 21, 2009) but at my locale, Pacific Grove, California, the summer weather pattern seems to be here.

The current conditions in Pacific Grove.





Blossoming Tree

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On February - 26 - 2009

Blossoming Tree

Blackhawk Exposition Sale

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On August - 13 - 2008

Blackhawk Collection Exposition

Every year, the Blackhawk Collection sets up their tents on the 9 hole Peter Hay course at Pebble Beach, during the week leading up to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Their auction wares are right out on the fairways.

I happen to ride my bike past the course this afternoon and this photograph shows a pretty typical gray summer day around here, mostly cloudy, with high temperatures around 60 F (15.5 C). If you’re lucky, it’ll be sunny.

Asilomar State Beach, March 11, 2008

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On March - 11 - 2008

Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, CA, USA

5:44 PM PDT



Fence Repair

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On January - 26 - 2008
Where the fence use to be
Where the fence is

The Pacific storm that knocked down our Redwood lattice top fence in the beginning of January gave me an opportunity to buy a router. The wind snapped a 4×4 fence post and cracked off the 2×3 end sections from the fence panels. These one inch grooved 2x3s weren’t available at the lumber yard, but I thought with a router I could just get some 2×4’s and use a router to make a groove in them.

I ordered a bunch of Redwood 2x4s, some treated 2x4s for caps, a treated 4×4 for a post and a 60 lb. bag of ready-mix concrete.

Makita RF1101 Router

I started digging out the old post and encountered my first problem – did I need to remove the old concrete footing? That involved more digging than I wanted to do. When I got down to the concrete footing, I hacked away the remaining part of the 4×4 out of the concrete and planned to put the new post in that hole with some more concrete around it. That sort of worked, but I wasn’t able to get the 4×4 post vertical. It was the beginning of another bush job.

I’ve seen Norm use a router on TV, but I’ve never used one. I found a Makita RF1101 that didn’t have any trouble cutting a 1″groove. It also made a lot of sawdust.

I also didn’t know about rough lumber until I routed two of the side rails, nailed them to the fence panel and hoisted it up into position. It was about 3/4″too long. I had to cut off 3/4″off one side of the fence panel. How are you supposed to know these things?

Routed Rough Redwood 2x4

The next day, I ordered some more 2x4s and 2×8 Redwood lattice, because the lattice was also broken in some sections. This time the lumber yard sent 1 1/2×3 1/2 2x4s.

My next concern was how to cut the lattice, since the sections on the fence were 15″wide. Also for privacy, I used two pieces of lattice back-to-back, which fortunately fit in the 1″groove. I ended up clamping the lattice between two 1x6s and using a cross-cut hand saw to cut the eight foot lengths to 15″wide. My friend Chuck recommended a Skil HD5825 6-1/2-Inch Worm Drive Saw, whatever that is.

This is why professionals should do this kind of work.

Storm Damage Questions

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On January - 7 - 2008

Where the fence use to be

The high winds and heavy rain from the Pacific storm over the weekend knocked down two Redwood lattice top fence panels in our backyard.

Routed Redwood Header

A new 6×8 section is about $US 90. The only damaged pieces were the header and sides. They have a groove routed in them. Nobody sells them. Can’t I just buy a router and some Redwood 2x4s and make them myself?

Concrete foundation support

Also, the one 4×4 support post that broke at the base was just buried in the dirt. (01/08/2008: Actually, the post was in a concrete, I hadn’t dug deep enough) I have this concrete support that holds up our house. Can I just bury that and use that to support the post?










Overcast Google Calendar

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On July - 17 - 2006

While most of the United States is suffering from a heat wave, the summer is always cool where I live – cool as in it rarely gets over 70 degrees F. In fact, when it’s overcast here during the summer (the marine layer, near the ocean, etc) it feels cold. (Though it’s not as cold as Stanley, Idaho; Truckee, California or Chiloquin, Oregon – see this USA TODAY page)

Clicking on the Google Calendar button will take you to my calendar where I note the overcast days during the summer in Pacific Grove, California, United States of America, Planet Earth. (Sorry, you need a Google account to see it)

Google Calendar

It’s Summer.

Posted by Mr. Leslie Wong On April - 28 - 2006

From the National Weather Service:

Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service San Francisco CA
839 am pet Fri apr 28 2006

.Discussion…the second half of April has quickly taken northern and central California from winter to summer…as the eastern pacific subtropical high has bulged northward over the past several days. The lingering upper low which brought instability and a few showers/thunderstorms to southern California yesterday has since kicked eastward into Arizona and new Mexico. This will leave our district with the familiar low clouds and fog spreading inland each night…retreating to the coast by midday each day…with near normal temperatures throughout.

The warm air aloft has developed a strong marine inversion…and as a result widespread stratus has developed over the coastal waters. The marine layer is about 2200 ft deep per the Fort Ord profiler and 1700 ft deep per the bodega bay profiler. Surface gradients are onshore…+1.6 MB from KSFO-KSAC …causing a gusty onshore flow to persist all last night through the golden gate. The onshore gradients will only intensify this afternoon as the inland areas warm up…so expect the low clouds to linger near the coast for much of the day. In fact…the stratus will probably begin to come back into San Francisco bay by late this afternoon.

All this means locations near the coast and bays should be a few degrees cooler than Thursday. However…with 850 mb temperatures hovering near +18 deg c…inland spots should have no problem warming back into the 80s with a few of the warmer locations likely pushing 90 degrees this afternoon. Will update the forecast to cool off some of the coastal/bay locations but otherwise the forecast looks good.

This pattern will likely persist well into next week as the GFS/Euro keep a strong SFC high over the eastern pacific through next Wed/Thu. The migratory storm track has finally been pushed northward into Canada…along with the chances for significant rain. The strong upper ridge will weaken slightly over the next 48-72 hours… Resulting in slightly cooler temperatures inland. Coastal stratus will likely stick around for the foreseeable future as a strong marine inversion remains in place. Welcome back to coastal California summer…it’s been a long time in the making.”

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